Basic Description
The M-710iC series is FANUC Robotics’ latest-generation, sixaxis, medium to medium-high
payload, high-performance family of industrial robots. The M-710iC robots are designed for a variety of manufacturing and system processes. The M-710iC series provides one of the largest work envelopes in its class with one of the smallest footprints. Engineered for extremely high speed, application flexibility and reliability, the M-710iC series delivers repeatable precision and unparalleled performance. With the Severe Dust and Liquid
Protection (SDLP) option, the entire robot is IP67-protected for the M-710iC series, making these robots ideal for use in harsh environments.
■ Multiple mounting solutions (see specifications for robot dependent configurations).
■ Slim arm and wrist assemblies minimize interference with system peripherals allowing
operation in confined spaces. ■ Generous supplementary J3 payload up to 15 kg.
■ Pneumatic and electrical connections (8RI/8RO) available on front of J3 casting for easy and simple integration of end-of-arm tooling (EOAT).
■ Multiple process attachment points allowing flexibility when integrating EOAT.
■ Superior wrist capacity for handling heavy work pieces and fixtures.
■ Best joint speeds in its class maximize cycle time and throughput.
■ Wrist flange and base mounting are identical to the M-710iB series, allowing for seamless
backward compatibility.
■ Larger work envelope than the M-710iB series, making replacement easier.
■ Designed to use minimal mechanical components to reduce down time, increase mean time between failure and minimize spare parts.
■ Utilizes proven, reliable FANUC servo motors providing the greatest uptime and productivity.
■ Given the ability to reach overhead and behind, the M-710iC series has one of the largest work envelopes in its class.
■ 6 degrees of freedom.
■ RV reducers for all axes eliminates belts, chains and pulleys and minimizes backlash.

■ No motors at the wrist.

■ Increased work envelope realized by the elimination of counterweight/balancer.
■ 360° standard J1 rotation.

■ Process specific software
packages for various

■Web-based software tools
for remote connectivity,
diagnostics and production

■ Machine vision for robot
■ Intelligent robot solutions.

■ Standard baseplate for
quick robot installation.

■ Auxiliary axes packages for
integration of peripheral
servo-controlled devices.
■ Adjustable hard stops for
J1, J2 and J3.

■ Various robot connection
cable lengths for flexible
cabinet placement and
optional track rated cables.
■ Two-part epoxy paint
available for harsh
■ Monochrome pendant
■ Severe Dust and Liquid
Protection (SDLP).
■ ± 185 rotation for J1.