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Frequently asked Questions*.

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1.       I can see that the Fanuc comes with 2 different size controllers. What is the difference between the two?

FANUC standard controller is a closed air cooling / circulation controller. The cooling is essentially separated and prevents any "factory air" from entering the controller. This also ensures an IP rating of 67 on the controller. This also makes the controller necessarily larger as the drawings indicate.
The compact "open air" or rack mount controller allows ambient air to circulate within the controllers electronic components. There is an external filter and in may applications this is acceptable. If a plant has oil, dust or other contaminants in the air the open air controller is usually not a good choice. However, this may be a good choice for those persons who choose to place the entire controller within a suitably cooled NEMA enclosure with other system electronic components.
This controller is by its nature IP20
The FANUC LR Mate arm is the same for both and as such the arm is rated at IP67. When used with the compact controller the controller is what makes the system IP20.
Also, it should be noted that on the LR Mate with compact controller, the iPendant is removable via a connector on the front of the controller. The "standard controller" has the Teach Pendant hard wired to the side of the controller as standard.

What is the Fanuc LR Mate 200iC controller rating?

The FANUC standard controller is not officially rated anything.  It is close to  NEMA 12 or IP54 and will look as such EXCEPT for where the cables enter through a foam gasket.  That is a vulnerable point that could drop it to a IP20 rating.  It is designed for an industrial environment, but should not be put it in an area with tons of liquids flying around.

When should the IP20 compact controller be used.

The compact IP20 controller is best suited for laboratory, research, and educational environments or where the controller is being placed within a NEMA enclosure.

What Teach pendant is offered with the IP20 compact controller

The compact IP20 controller can be supplied with either the Color iPendant or the basic FANUC Monochrome pendant.



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