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i Pendant
Basic Description
The ergonomically-designed
iPendant is the next generation
in user interface technology from
FANUC Robotics America. The
Internet-ready iPendant allows
users to browse the information
available on the Internet/lntranet.
Users can also customize robot
information displayed on the
The intuitive multi-window color
graphic interface on the iPendant
makes FANUC robots easier to
use than ever before. It provides
integrated help and diagnostics
functions as well as enhanced
robot and process data allowing
instant access to critical
information right on the teach

Key Features
• Ergonomically-designed
color pendant
• Intuitive multi-window
display and fly-out menus
• Multiple program editing
• Integrated help and
• PMC ladder logic monitoring
and editing (optional)
• User-customizable interface
• Internet-enabled embedded
web browser (optional)
• Touch screen support

• iPendant button layout,
menus andท screens are
similar in look and feel,
making it interchangeable
with previous generation
teach pendants.

The iPendant uses color
highlighting, f1y-out menus
and a split-screen display to
make important information
easier to find: This virtually
eliminates any additional
training time required for
users familiar with other
FANUC-Robotics products.

• A simple-to-use navigation
-system provides all the
choices on a single screen
for fast menu navigation.
• Integrated help and
diagnostics provide instant
help to recover from
production interruptions.






• Online help menus are
available for every iPendant
function. These are an
optimized version of the
information that IS available
in the standard robot
documentation set.

• Online cause and remedy
information is available for
each robot alarm. Users
can simply press the DIAG
key when an alarm is active
and the cause and remedy
information for the alarm is
displayed, providing instant
information on what caused
the alarm and how to correct it.

• With touch screen support
for iPendant (optional), the
user will be able to select
items on any of the system
menus and custom screens
simply by touching the screen.

• The optional iPendant version
of the ORC (Diagnostic
Resource Center) provides
advanced troubleshooting
information ทas well as
subsystem schematics,
connector pin outs and
machine parameter definitions.


• iPendant provides quick
access to Internet/Intranet.
Users can browse information
that is available anywhere on
the network.

• Users can develop process
or application specific status
pages and "Operator Panels"
for the iPendant in HTML
using commercially available
web development tools such
as Microsoft's FrontPageฎ or
even online on the iPendant
itself. These pages can be
used to display production
status and statistics, charts
and graphs, customized
menus and site-specific help
or diagnostics.

Hardware Features
• 6.4~'color TFT backlit
LCD display
• 640H x.480V x256coioIs
• Plug compatible with the
standard robot controller
monochrome teach
• Lightweight - 1.25 kg
• Size approximately 300 mm H
x 250 mm W x 80 mm 0
• IP54 rated
• RIA 15,0611999 compliant
• CE Mark available
Software Features
and Requirements
• Requires robot controller
software version 6.20
or later
• Supports HTML 3.2 and
Javascript 1.1 for