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Software Teach Pendant Vision  Force Sensor Training

Integrated Robot Vision System
Basic Description
The FANUC Robotics' System
R-30iA™ Controller comes
standard with iRVision hardware.
By loading the vision software
option and connecting a 2-D camera
or 30L sensor directly to R-30iA
Controller, the user can immediately
add a vision process to the robotic
iRVision is a ready-to-use robotic
vision system that requires no
additional hardware except for
a camera or sensor and cable.
It provides a 2-D or 3-D robot
guidance and/or error proofing
tool to accomplish part location,
presence detection, and other
operations that normally require
special sensors or custom fixturing.
Setup and training for FANUC
iRVision is done using any PC
running Microsoft® Internet Explorer,
connected to the robot via Ethernet.
Camera-to-robot calibration and
part training are all accomplished
through a web page user interface.
For production, iRVision includes
run mode and data displays that
can be simultaneously viewed on
any network PC and the iPendant™.
Production data can be logged to
the internal memory card or system
Features and Benefits
iii 2·0 cameras or3DLsensors
connect directly to the R-30iA
Robot Controller. No additional
hardware is required (no external
processor, special enclosures, or
other equipment on the factory
• No additional robot hardware
is required to set up the vision













• Compact 3DL Laser Based
Sensor provides locating of parts
in all six degrees of freedom
without compromising space on
your robot end-of-arm tooling.
• Browser-based setup and
training over Ethernet.
• View run-time images and data
on iPendant or network PC.
• Setup is accomplished using
Microsoft® Internet Explorer.
• Powerful 2-D and 3-D geometric
image processing.
• Intuitive Based Programming
and Setup Tools. (Spreadsheet
configurations are not required.)
System Tools
• A web-based user interface
provides easy-to-use menu
structures covering camera
setup, calibration, vision
processes, and data logging.

• Includes powerful vision tools
such as Calipers, Histograms,
Blobs, Auto Exposure Control,
Dynamic Image Masking,
Nested Conditions, Failed
tmage Logging, and many more.
Powerful Geometric Pattern
Matching Technology and
Robot Vision Application
• Industry's best Geometric
Pattern Matching (GPM) tool.
• Reliable part location and
orientation regardless of
variations in part size and
• Robust handling of varying light
and operating conditions.
• Process tools for combining
multiple cameras and multiple
• Sharing of vision hardware and
results among multiple robots
• High-speed, reliable line tracking