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Used Robots Manufactured by Thermo CRS

ONE UNIT Thermo Scientific CataLystExpress systemavailable for as low as $2,500.00 email

Used Thermo Fisher (CRS) CataLystExpress, 5 Axis Robot System with C500c(d) Controller (in) Base Frame.

$2,500.00 - $6,000.00

CataLystExpress robot system The CataLyst Express dexterous articulated robot provides 5 degrees of freedom, allowing for highly accurate positioning and plate placement. Thermo Scientific CataLystExpress systemThe system’s 360-degree base rotation covers a maximum work area and allows very flexible instrument placement. Rugged and reliable, the robotics will perform repetitive tasks over long hours without effort. With little downtime due to an MTBF of over 50,000 hours, the system lets laboratories benefit from maximum asset availability and very low maintenance costs. 

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Used Robots Manufactured by Thermo CRS

Thermo CataLyst-5 Robot arm


Thermo C500C/D Controller     Thermo CRS robot Teach Pendant

C500c(d) Controller      Serial Teach Pendant

Refurbished as shown - $14,500.00 With 6 Month Depot Service Warranty

Additional units available for as low as $2,000.00





ADDITIONAL ITEMS/PARTS - CONTACT US regarding our used Thermo Robotic parts and systems

CataLystExpress E-StopRemote E-Stop CataLystExpress front panel Replacement LCD available CataLyst-5 RobotCataLyst-5


 C500 Cooling fanC500C/D Cooling fan CataLyst-5 robot controller amplifierC500C/D AMPs


CataLyst-5 robot controller 24V power supplyC500C/D 24V Power Supply


 Copley AmplifierCopley Amplifier


CataLyst-5 robot with dispenser CRS Thermo Scientific RobotCataLyst-5 with Dispenser  CataLyst-5 robot arm


 CataLyst-5 robot with Servo GripperCataLyst-5 with 65mm Servo Gripper CataLyst-5/5T C500C/D Controller


 CataLyst-5 controllerC500C Controller 


 65mm Servo Gripper 65MM Servo Gripper Thermo CRS Servo Gripper


CRS Servo Gripper50mm Servo Gripper   


CRS Track drive motor Aux track controller/reducer/encoder 

These robot products are utilized in a wide
variety of applications including;

Laboratory automation
Industrial automation

Please note that as of December 31, 2014 the Thermo Scientific A255 and A465 Robotic Arms will reach End of Support Life. As of January 1, 2015 Technical Support and Spare parts will no longer be available for these product lines.

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