Clean and well maintained CataLyst-5 robot with C500d controller. Includes used teach pendant, umbilical cables, C500d controller, Servo Gripper, manuals. System has been tested and calibrated. Six (6) month depot service warranty.

CataLyst-5 robot features an articulated robot arm with five degrees of freedom capable of carrying a 1-kg (2.2 lb) payload.

The features of the CataLyst-5 C500D  controller include a true multitasking operating system, a sophisticated trajectory planner capable of high speed blended motion, 16 digital inputs and 12 digital outputs, two serial ports, an emergency stop button, and teach pendant 

You program the CataLyst using CRS' powerful, yet easy to learn RAPL-3™ language or using ActiveRobot™, the ActiveX™ Windows™ programming component for CRS robot systems. ActiveRobot lets you control the CataLyst from programming languages such as Visual Basic™, Visual C++™, Delphi™, and others. 

Robcomm-3 and ActiveRobot available

SIX (6) month depot service warranty.

This warranty covers 100% of parts and factory labor required to repair or replace the product, and
covers the shipping costs for return to customer.
·  This warranty is subject to the customer adhering to the Preventive Maintenance procedures and schedule provided in the Thermo CRS product user guide. Failure to do so may void the warranty.
·  This warranty does not cover damage to equipment caused by abuse, environmental factors, acts of God, electrical power problems, damage during customer shipments, or structural modifications made by the customer or a customer agent. This warranty does not cover “consumable parts”


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