Basic Description
The M-410iB series is FANUC Robotics' latest-generation palletizing industrial robot. The unit is engineered for precision high-speed/high-payload operation, user-friendly setup, and maximum reliability supported by our extensive service and parts network. The M-410iB is a four-axis, electric servo-driven robot with an integrated mechanical and control unit designed for a wide variety of manufacturing and palletizing system processes.
M-410iB, the Solution for:
• Case palletizing • Bag palletizing • Depalletizing • Layer handling • Press tending
• Machine load/unload • Part transfer

•Remote mount controller option with various robot connection cable lengths for flexible cabinet placement and optional track rated cables.
•Integrated auxiliary axes packages.
•Servo hand package utilizing standard six-channel robot servo amp.
•Fan cooling for J 1, J2 and J3 motors in high-duty applications.
•Pendant is also available with touch screen support.
•Monochrome pendant available.
•FANUC's iRVision system delivers high performance 2-D and 3-D machine vision capabilities with FANUC reliability. Additional option for Error Proofing can provide integrated vision based capabilities to check for product completeness before product is packaged or further operations are performed

•Fastest cycle times and highest payload in robot class.
•20 cycles/min. case palletizing at 100 kg.
•27 cycles/min. bag palletizing at 100 kg.
•Large allowable wrist inertias meet a variety of heavy handling challenges.
•High performance motion yields fast cycle times and high throughput.
•Small footprint and integrated controller reduces required floor space.
•Ability to service multiple production lines with large working envelope.
•Unique hollow RV speed reducers simplify cable routing.
•Proven, reliable FANUC servo drives provide highest uptime and productivity.
•Able to operate in environments ranging from harsh to traditional factory floor.
•4 axes of motion
•M-41 OiB/160: 160 kg payload capacity
•M-41 OiB/300: 300 kg payload capacity
•M-410iB/450: 450 kg payload capacity
•Dedicated pneumatic and electrical connections on J4 wrist to simplify user's end-of-arm tooling design, integration and communications (eight digital inputs/outputs, two 10 mm internal air lines).
•Adjustable J1 hard stops.
•Repeatability of ± 0.5 mm at full speed and full payload within entire work envelope.
•Direct-coupled drives on all axes result in higher reliability and reduced maintenance costs.
•Vertical articulation eliminates "elbow" interference issues related to SCARA robots.
•Qick change amplifier <5 min.
•Fast boot time <30 sec.
•Standard Ethernet port
•PCMCIA software distribution.
•Easy connections to a variety of I/O, including a number of distributed I/O networks.
•Supports industry leading PalletTool@ /PalletPROTM software
packages (palletizing setup, simulation and operation software).
•Supports CollisionGuard™ by servo control to minimize damage to the robot, gripper, cases/bags and peripherals.
•Web-based software tools for
remote connectivity, diagnostics and production monitoring.
•Machine vision for robot guidance
(e.g. vision guided depalletizing) and inspection.
•iPendant™, a color, Internet-ready teach pendant for even easier programming and custom cell user interface design.